A person with his objectives,

the temptation to interrupt him and in the end

“good” winning over “evil”, or vice versa.

Which side of the scenario is your life on? Which scene take are you filming at the moment?

The fact that thousands of films follow this outline makes me think of the desire man has to overcome temptation, or his fear to not be able to do it.

In the movies, it almost always goes like this: The main character with good intentions is put to a difficult test in his life and before long he has to deal with his own conscious, until he decides to be terribly honest with himself and others.

Please read the previous paragraph again because no major change is going to take place unless your are totally honest with yourself. It is what we call integrity. This is not always enough “in the movies”, but I will tell you, in real life being truthful with oneself is the only efficient technique that I know. It is your entrance ticket, to is the prerogative to make things work.

There is always a serious part to a film. One of these moments is usually when the main character decides to stop drinking, to start training seriously and confess everything to relieve himself of the burden. In that instance, truth triumphs, there are no more excuses or alibis, we don’t tell any more stories. We are alone in front of ourselves.

Everything happens in an instance like in the scene taken from “The Legend of Bagger Vance”:

(Film take 1: the objective)

Junno is fighting to win the golf tournament

(Film take 2: the temptation)

All of a sudden the golf ball moves but nobody sees it happening, Junno could pretend nothing happened to avoid a penalty

(Film take 3: good triumphs over evil)

In the end, he decides to give himself the penalty, continue and win the tournament without remorse.

When you fulfill a promise or a commitment a different kind of power comes from it. When you listen to the voice of your conscience, a unique power comes from doing so. It’s not a “candy floss” type of power like the one given to you in techniques. It is not only an impression you have of being more sincere and charismatic, it is a real power – a power that is called credibility.

Many politicians may have power because of their role, but not real power; not credibility- This power stems from one unique scenario in life: objective, temptations and good winning over evil. Many politicians stop at the temptations: their life is an incomplete one.

Have you got aims and objectives?

Are you able to overcome temptation?

Does right always triumph over wrong in your life?

Making promises with yourself (not necessarily important one) and maintaining them makes us stronger, more sane and more charismatic. Every time obstacles appear in your path, make a small promise to yourself. You will immediately feel better.

Thinking about our mission, “make man greater through films”, we asked ourselves what we could do to help you, other than offer our services here:


we have decided to give you advice at the end of each article: the title of the film which inspired us and a book which will “honestly” give more detail on the subject dealt with.

But for now, let’s do this together! I would like to hear your points of view …..


“… and in case I don’t see ya

good afternoon, good evening and good night!”…

(The Truman Show)


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"The Legend of Bagger Vance" A film by Robert Redford with Charlize Theron, Matt Damon, Will Smith - USA 2000

"Principle Centered Leadership" by Stephen Covey

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