“How do you get around so good without a cane or a dog?

My ears gotta be my eyes…You gotta learn pretty quick if you want to get around on your own.”
Rule n° 1 ditch all the usual ways of representing reality
Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) challenges the limits of blindness and receives world acclaim.

T. Hackford tells the true story, the famous biography of “feeling blind”.
Preconceived ideas often prevent us from finding a solution to problems which are apparently unsolvable. To reach certain objectives, it is often important to see things from different perspectives which, at times may not seem rational, but do in fact allow you to solve the problem which is only such until you try to solve it with ordinary logic.
In order to become autonomous, Ray tries alternative avenues and maps out new strategies…it may seem impossible, but he learns how to look with his ears.

In daily situations, how many times are we the real “blind” person when we are adamant in observing the world from the same perspective, and accept defeat, paralyzed, we persevere down the same road and accumulate only anger and frustration. We should perhaps remind ourselves that “necessity is the mother of invention” and we too, like Ray, are able to work out original short cuts and, therefore, overcome the problem. The human mind is lazy and usually looks for the easiest strategy.



“You think pennies, you get pennies
You think dollars, you get dollars
Rule n° 2 what the mind can conceive or believe, the mind can also fulfill

Ray learns the hard way that he can get a higher pay from record producers, much higher than possibly imagined, if only he thinks about it.
Everything that can be done or cannot be done comes directly from your mind, positive thinking and imagining, describing or representing ourselves as winners help us to take on actions of a qualitative level which is completely different from what we are used to.
As a matter of fact, our personal resources, to which we are often blind or unaware of, become more easily accessible and the self-motivation which generates in us gives us the strength to overcome moments of crisis and difficulty.
We need to find the courage to follow our dreams, because they may come true…


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"Ray" – A film by Taylor Hackford with Jamie Foxx, Regina King, Kerry Washington, Curtis Armstrong - USA 2004

"The Structure of Magic" by John Grinder, Richard Bandler

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