The Setting

A heart-moving scene, that shows the difficult balance between “good” and the bringing up of a child. When Ray is struck by blindness, his mother is left having to decide how to help him and how to prepare him for harder times. It is a true lesson on life, taken from the autobiography of one of the most controversial and loved musicians in history.

Teaching Perspective

Ray Charles’s life has been anything but easy. His teenage years are marked with drugs and events that threatened his safety. Perhaps if it had not been for his mother’s intervention, during his childhood and his adolescence, then we would never have been able to appreciate one of the most important musicians in the world.

The scene is a useful example to make some important reflections. Could he have been made to get up more quickly? Of course he could. But what would the result have been?

Metaphorically, when we rush to help someone, we are not allowing a “fighting” spirit to come out; we are not letting this individual exercise his “resilience” muscle.

Today, more than ever the lack of “resilience” is a social problem.

If it is possible to avoid long paths and take shortcuts and quick solutions, the new generations jump at the chance, sometimes at the expense of results and resistance in the long term.

It goes without saying that this type of behavior does not get us anywhere.

Continuously we see people that are frustrated and that give up easily, and who are victims of a too permissive education.

Ray’s mother is an example for all us that continue to ask ourselves what behavior is more beneficial. In the long term, “emotive” investment in sacrifices and hard work is unequaled in terms of return, balance and satisfaction.




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