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“can you really distinguish yourself that easily?”


Nowadays everybody communicates in the same way and very few are recognized for their “speech”. Do you want to be one of these select few? You need to stand out from the crowd, become original and unique and your appeal will start to blossom.


“by reading you will discover how to”


Imagine looking at a desert from up above. The colours of the sand and the dunes are all the same. We live in such a desert. Everything is the same, nothing stands out. Attracting the attention of clients and collaborators has become a difficult task.


“But if you were an oasis?

Everybody would notice you!”

Today, thanks to our services, you can take your communication to higher levels of visibility.

“If you want to be like an oasis in the desert

you can start by using scenes from films”

It’s no longer impossible, you are just ONE CLICK away from finding all the training offered by movies!

What do the experts think?

“The best book on marketing? The Cinema!„
Noam Wasserman, Professor at Harvard Business School
“Films are the source of inspiration of my best lessons„
Edmund Phelps, awarded Nobel Prize for Economy
“Cinema is an experience that involves logic and emotion, logos and pathos, rationality and affection„
Julio Cabrera, Professor at the University of Brasilia

Here is why it works better:

people become distracted by too much information

films capture the attention of their viewers

(by showing scenes from films you will note stronger involvement)

both collaborators and trainees have developed a natural resistance to what you say:
they think you are just trying to convince them!

people cannot resist films

(sharing a point of view will increase automatically)

some concepts are too complicated to explain

the right type of movies offer
a practical example of your message

(it is easier to understand and to learn by seeing an example:
one of my collaborators often says to me:
I don’t learn by reading but by watching)

the information assimilated increases day by day

by using metaphoric language, films capture the mind of people
more quickly and are better remembered

(one scene is enough to explain the contents of a one-day training course,
it is a stimulus which will multiple your time)
  • jan-schultzWe have utilized Training with Movies as a part of our employee team development programs.  Incorporating video clips from movies has added a bit of fun to our learning while still driving key business messaging.

    Jan Schultz - Sr. Digital Designer, Consultant, UnitedHealthcare
  • jean-vanhoegaerdenTraining with movies clips make an essential part on most of my teaching. The clips are very well chosen , so does not matter if you know the movie or not, to make point clear in a different way. Ideal to make people reflect and/or to anchor the learning.

    Jean Vanhoegaerden - Professor of Practice, Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School
  • carmen-urquizaMovie clips are essential in bringing to life key messages and learning points that handouts or lectures fail to convey!
    Movie clips not only add color and imagery, but they are highly effective and engaging tools we can utilize to enhance the learning experience of the participants!

    Carmen Urquiza, Human Resources – Associate Development Department, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • max-damioli

    Whether it is at a large convention or a course in a classroom, for many people or for a few...there is not one person, that I have met in my many years of experience using films in training, that has not understood the essence, or that has not had a brainwave, or found new paths, new connections or new ideas. Or perhaps they have confirmed ideas that they already had. It does not matter that they do not even know the film: if they do, the film takes on a whole new dimension.; if they don’t, new neuronal connections are created, connecting images to experience. Personal or professional.


“there are many books which quote movie scenes for business”

but with a common limit:
have immediate access to all the movie scenes at once!

If you want to find a scene from a film, you usually have to use a search engine such as “Google” or “Youtube”. But how much time do you waste? And do you always find the original scenes? Or do you find the same old scenes from the same old films? Today you have the possibility to gain access to

Just one datebase of movie training scenes
and you will immediately be the oasis in the desert

Some of the subjects consolidated in hundreds of scenes:

NLP – Pacing and Leading – the Meta-model – Metaprogramming – Reframing – the Milton Model – Hypnosis – Self-esteem – Self Talk – Meditation – Management – Time Management – the Pareto Principle – Leadership – Objection Handling – Sales – Nonverbal Communication – Ambition – Success – Delegating – Coaching – Consultancy – Mentoring – Public Speaking – Adult Training – Teaching – Marketing – Multi-sensorial Interfacing – Negotiation – Values

Famous scenes, original and efficient.
It doesn’t pay to be “ordinary”.

Prestige Subscription

Prestige Subscription

$ 1991 year
$ 399
  • Unlimited access to all the scenes on file
    You will have free access to the biggest database of inspirational movie-trainers available. What are you looking for? Carry out a search using a “keyword” and the system will extract all the scenes available for you to watch and strengthen your message, and become immediately more convincing!
  • Download files in PDF
    You can download the files of all the scenes in PDF, with the description of the context, the opinions of the trainer, the duration of the footage and advice on how to use it to your best advantage. Hours saved of your work and more for the planning of your action.
  • 4 new scenes a month
    Every two weeks you will receive an e-mail with links to the 2 new scenes made available. If you are to communicate by using films, we want you to be as original, innovative and competitive as possible!
  • Download Footage
    You can download 96 scenes a year (8 a month). You can choose the scenes that you wish to download and the those you only want to see online. This makes it easier for you to use if you have to use footage for training in places where there is no internet connection. Remember that the film scenes that are commented upon in the most suitable way triplicate your capability to overstep skepticism!
  • Scenes from the Blog
    You have instant access and the possibility to download scenes commented upon in the blog. Every time an article is published, you can download the scene immediately.

Now please don’t cut your nose off to spite your face

I don’t need film footage to be understood
research shows that the use of films makes communication more simple and much clearer

I can find all the films I want, when I want
but you will waste precious hours finding several minutes of film footage

I have a sufficient archive of films
but then you’ll discover that you have the same old scenes which have been seen and re-seen over and over again

I don’t have to use film footage in my discourses
that’s true! Feel free to use what you want and turn down the magic of films

A subscription to hundreds of scenes isn’t necessary
as of today, more than two million films have been elaborated on all over the world and every month new scenes are put onto our database with greatly “inspiring” scenes.

Do you really want to do away with such a vast database and updates?
  • Patricia CheeseboroTraining with Movies is powerful tool to use for use in my workshops and retreats it provides inspiration and motivation to peak conversation to topics.  I love the ability to use these short clips as a training tool and make the event that much powerful.

    Patricia Cheeseboro - Cheeseboro Consulting Services, Life Coach and Creator of Heart on Fire Program
  • anamaria-ghinet The scenes on “” are a source of inspiration for personal growth and spiritual growth, besides being a source of exciting emotions. They are chosen with care and with love and their aim is to bring transformation to the lives of people who are ready to take make a change in life. A big thank you to Virginio for the value that you offer to all of us through the work you do.
    Ana Maria Ghinet, creator of Energetic Coach
  • miranda-sorgenteTraining with Movies has allowed me to discover the wisdom that is to be found in Cinema. This really is a wonderful work, done with great care and patience, and it allows me to save a lot of time, thanks to the way that the content is well organized on the site, when I want to use film clips during my seminars. But, above all, I perceive the love and the desire to share that embody the project. Thanks to Virginio and thanks to all the staff at Training with Movies for these wonderful opportunity.
    Miranda Sorgente

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Prestige Subscription

Prestige Subscription

$ 1991 year
$ 399
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