The Wave

This film combines narrative and symbolic elements and represents, in my opinion, an extraordinary example of the strength of cinema’s language, providing the audience with a spark for an in-depth reflection on the power dynamic in different social and economic environment and, in general, on human relationships.


If you actually knew whom you have before you, maybe you wouldn’t hate them, like it happens in all wars. It is exactly what we see represented in one of the most beautiful scenes in Letters from Iwo Jima, when Japanese soldiers find an American soldier dead, and the commander reads out loud the letter that he had sent to his mom at home. The look of the Japanese soldiers is significant on the "paradigm change."

3 ways to terrorize a new collaborator

Zack’s behaviour is the result (fantasies that are not too far placed from reality) of the complexity in which companies move today. Too much thinking about the "piece", forced into the vortex of operations that to think about “nonsense": training, co-working, promoting new talent. I as a businessman apologize and confess: the young, the new recruits, the runaway brains will save this country.