Laugh! It will make you feel better

A few years ago, I read an interesting book . It is a point of view on the priorities of human existence. Invariably, when I deal with training and cinematic language, I look for examples from films.

Selling a scene

Selling is about satisfying a need. The client is not interested in how a pen is made, what you can do with it or if you like it; the client is interested in solving a requirement. Brad’s merit was to make the client aware of his need.

Does anything really change?

I would like everyone to take Prot’s words seriously. Towards the end of the movie K-PAX, he gives us some advice. It is the disinterested advice of a man deemed to be “mad”, but he is not that “mad” after all…

Thirteen days

Thirteen Days is a real "cult-movie" for negotiation and alternative dispute resolution enthusiasts. During the October of 1962, the world was for thirteen days on the edge of a Third World War: the USSR nuclear missile installation in Cuba led to a sudden and dangerous arm wrestling between USA and USSR.