The Wave

This film combines narrative and symbolic elements and represents, in my opinion, an extraordinary example of the strength of cinema’s language, providing the audience with a spark for an in-depth reflection on the power dynamic in different social and economic environment and, in general, on human relationships.

The art of Milton Model

For experts of "Neuro Linguistic Programming", this scene is a good summary of the major expressions of the Milton Model.

You need to use your heart, not just technique

In this moving story about Abby, a girl with a big heart, we are taught many things. Her mentor is by no means permissive, but it is thanks to the constant reproaches by him that she becomes a very good cook.

Web reputation

It's easy to catch public attention, and web traffic. Casper, in an (inappropriate) outburst, gets caught on camera and put online, punished with a lifelong sentence that will force him to come up with a new business model.