The power of senses

A silent but intensely evocative clip, from the funny animated movie "Ratatouille", about emotions, anchoring and NLP.

This was his idea

Making someone do something he doesn't want to for his sake can be difficult, so maybe you should make him think that it was his idea. If he's stubborn and resistant to change, it's even harder.

Goals and desires

Fantasies have to be unrealistic, because the moment, the second that you get what you seek, you don't, you can't want it anymore. In order to continue to exist, desire must have its objects perpetually absent. It's not the "it" that you want. It's the fantasy of "it". So, desire supports crazy fantasies

Why don’t all you come inside?

Joe, a football player, goes to Heaven by mistake before his time has come. Heaven workers try to repair this mistake by giving Joe a new body, the one of the billionaire businessman Leo Farnsworth.