Strategic vision

Playing chess is not about winning the single move (if any game has ever been about that…), but about winning the whole game. For these reasons, vision, strategy and respect for the opponent are needed.

Being clear from the beginning

We disagree totally with war policy, with the an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth rule, but the war dynamics are anyway a functional metaphor for the company education, in particular regarding leadership, goals and vision.

The power of focus

During the day we’re kept busy by a thousand distractions (background noise) that impede us to listen to what is really essential for us (priorities). Suffocated by multitasking and chaos, how can we target our goals?

An external point of view

The trainer can use the scene every time he wants the audience notice the need of an external point of view on a company, perhaps through the perspective of a consultant or even of someone who has nothing to do with the sector they belong to.