A remedy for amnesia

This is a film that anyone studying “hypnosis” should watch, above all because it’s possible to learn from the mistakes the screenwriters made in writing the script (some inductions show inexcusable technical mistakes), and also from the examples of “correct inductions”.

You must be able to prove it

A ruthless leader treats everybody with hardness and cynicism, sometime excessive, sometimes necessary. This is the case with Turtle, a layabout who wants to realise an idea simply relying on investors. Do you realise what it takes to create something alone?

A life thinking of the past

When our parents - first source of our self-esteem - even if they love us unconditionally, are not able to show us their love, the result of their mistake is often an insecure adult who has to deal with his own self-esteem.

Efficiency and time management

This is a short clip that the trainer can project for clarifications about time management. Our unawareness of how we spend our days is what mostly affects our results.