There are no victims

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Neurologically extraordinary

Falling in love can be considered a very strong kind of empathy, that often comes from unconscious observation of another people. This is how "love at first sight" can be explained. It's a strong feeling that involves the five senses, supported by movements and gestures which resemble our attitude.

The rarefied air

Resilience is the keyword, all that matters when life keeps on knocking you out and letting you fall without a protection. If the balance between going down and getting up is positive, then you will be one of the 20 % of people who believe in their own strenght and resposibility.

How to make money

What emotion do you link to money? Is it something positive or "earning" means "suffering" to you, as in this movie clip? What seems to be an ordinary cinema story, can teach a lot of things about the "money" theme.