House of sand and fog

Gandhi in one of his famous quotes said, "An eye for an eye and we'll both be blind." The phrase is beautifully represented in this film, which in my opinion is one of the best about the escalation of conflict.

Translating the difficulties

The most emotional part of this clip is the “restructuring” of a tragedy into a game, so that the child will see everything in the right perspective.

Objective, role and details

This is a good metaphor for illustrating the three elements that determine the success of a mission with a short-term deadline: objective (it must be clear and specific), roles (everyone must know precisely what to do and what their responsibilities are), details (depth and simulation of the risk to make sure that everything goes in the right direction).

Picturing your dream

Visualization: the ability to “imagine” a picture of his dream vividly and with the maximum detail. Each of us should have a sheet like that, that is able to transform the present into the future, and what is in what will be.