How do you respond?

This clip is from the film "42", the true story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player who played in a professional team. His stepping stone was meeting Brooklyn Dodgers Top Manager Branch Rickey who decided to sign him, bravely fighting against racial prejudice in sports world and breaking the "Color line" in American Baseball Major League.

Things people do better

Between the present and the prediction of a not so far future, this clip from the film "Upgrade" is about a world in which technology is used to control almost everything in everyday life.

The right perception

Renee Barrett is the funny protagonist of the film "I feel pretty". She manages the website for Lily LeClaire make-up company from "the epicenter of anything", an office in a basement of a dark building of Chinatown. Her dream is to work in the main venue of the company on the Fifth Avenue.

You have my word

The film "55 steps" is about the real story of Eleanor Riese, a woman defined affected by mental disorder and shut in a mental health facility where she is provided medicines against her will.