I want you to be there

The film this editing is from, is a documentary . After a number of troubled events that affected his private life, the protagonist decides to devote himself to a crazy project: climbing 900 meters high Dawn Wall, an impossible enterprise until then.

A film about leadership: How to train your dragon

A great part of our relationship problems often comes from a trouble “in” communication: if "untreated" if atrophies over time, and it becomes a brings to a trouble “of” communication, until someone says: “ I’m done”.

If you let go of the guilt, it does get better

Ellie has supernatural powers. After an accident caused by her unnatural strength, the little girl kills her mother and immediately balances her guilt with a cruel and cynical “mask”.

Close your eyes

Most people are convinced that what nobody cares what they have inside: that's not true. Each one of us has a unique and wonderful word within to share. On the other hand, self-esteem is only the level of awareness of our own uniqueness.