The power of “why”

The protagonist of the clip, in need of a wheelchair after a car accident, refused to accept his responsibility for the accident. But thanks to a precise technique he can accept what has happened.

The relationship “preventive treatment”

A great part of our relationship problems often comes from a trouble “in” communication: if "untreated" if atrophies over time, and it becomes a brings to a trouble “of” communication, until someone says: “ I’m done”.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing

Main character of the movie is frustrated by his lifestyle, until he meets a famous geneticist, that the solution to all his problems to him on a plate: he will create a clone for every side of his life, including one for his job

Enthusiasm? Yes please, but do not underestimate your competitors

businessman, needs a permission to build his new impressive factory, with the idea of launching a new revolutionary car on the market.