What builds character

The brigantine Albatross sets sail for a year-long trip each year. A team of twelve boys will spend the last year of Ocean Academy training aboard. Some of them are there "for discipline, some for escape, and the rest don't even know why".

Everything on that court runs through you

In this clip from the film from a true story "The miracle season", the coach of Iowa City West High School female volleyball team has to find a new setter among the girls in her team.

I need you and you need me

Here's a clip from the award-winning movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” to think about one of the greatest soft skills required on the labour market: team working.

Helping people to get what they want

This clip from the funny film "Peter Rabbit" is an example of a perfect retail. Thomas works at Harrods department store in London, he's the chief of toy section. He loves "neatly arranged displays" and "having everything in its proper place", but, above all, he loves his job, and he do it with patience and commitment. After unfairly losing his job, his friend Bea asks him what he miss most about the store.