Fear is healthy

This clip the true story of the young surfer Jay. When Jay finds out that the legendary Mavericks wave, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is a few miles away from his town, he wants to ride it and asks for local surf champion Frosty Hesson's help, in order to face it.

Now’s the time

Another clip a lot of food for thought about coaching and neuro-linguistic programming techniques; that's why we often create posts about this movie.

A bridge to the future

Everyone, before a performance in public, experiences panic, anxiety and fear of failing. So we imagine to succeed, to do that without a hitch and we string ourselves along with belief that everything will be OK.

Strength of the roots

During our life, we often tend to “distort ourselves” and “feeling almost ashamed” of our origins, in order to pursue false goals and follow the dictum of society. When we move away from our center, we lose our self confidence and feel confused.