What they think about you

Why can’t people achieve their dreams? Because of interferences. As a radio channel unable to tune into the right signal, our efforts are often frustrated by interferences.

The secret of efficient communication

Shaun is a young medical doctor under training, and he is affected by autism and savant syndrome. His intelligence is above the average, he has an excellent photographic memory, but he cannot drive.

What should I buy as a Christmas present?

The other day I had an argument with my wife: I confess that I'm not made of steel and I'm not a saint. Despite hundreds of courses I've attended, sometimes (just a few times) I lose my temper.

The truth is in the details

"Calibration" in a word used in Neuro Linguistic Programming, talking about the ability to understand when an individual is in a particular emotional state, by observing his/her language and non verbals, facial expressions, tone of voice, posture and behavior (clothing, gestures etc.).