In the film, “The Fifth Element” General Steder is determined to shoot at an unidentified “thing” and despite the doubt of the President he launches “super-powerful” missiles to the heart of the evil thing. But the more it is struck the more is grows: “the evil generates evil”.

It is a film metaphor which causes deep reflection.

If an irreparable failure had caused newspapers and TV not to be transmitted in the last 20 years and if because of some genetic malfunction in man, we could not listen to the news, I ask myself: would all that has happened still have happened?

In personal life and in general, we are continuously influenced by growing evil. We listen to the news that transmits “fear”, “anger”, “frustration” and “impotence” and we go to work as if all of this does not influence our daily choices and our relationships.
Yesterday morning I wanted to park my car on the opposite kerb when another driver passed by thinking that I wanted to turn into no entry road, stopped and yelled: “Idiot, can’t you see it’s no entry!?!”

I laughed and parked.

We see lots of strange things going on around us. Many seem absorbed in some type of toxic cloud, what the Toltecs call “dream”; a daydream in which “evil” cancels any form of charity, tolerance or happiness.

Can the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas? Lorenz asked this question in 196,3, but on the contrary to the affirmative answer, must people act as if they are one and only” separated from the “rest”. When we behave badly, when we ignore global effects think only about our immediate gain, when we are launching missiles which could increase in diameter, like in the scene, it should start us thinking.

In conclusion, it is best to turn over the page.

It is better to recompensate good , look for what works in something instead of what is bad. And it is better to be grateful for what we have got, even if it is little, because many people are suffering economically nowadays.
It is better because if “evil generates evil” then “good generates good”,

and it is better for us and our children.

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