There are some scenes that I comment on with a lump in my throat and this scene is one of them. It is probably because I am getting older 🙂 , or maybe because I identify myself with the scene seeing that my wife is called Carmen and I believe that we are a respectable family.

Javier Martinez has been put before a choice: decide whether to pledge allegiance to his boss by changing the delivery report and hiding the real amount in the till, or face the consequences of his refusal which have not been defined yet. After a sleepless night and having discussed it with his wife, he makes his decision.

The film from which the clip has been take is “Courageous”and in watching it you understand why it is called that. Four police officers are fighting desperately against corruption and criminality, but “corruption and criminality” like cancer.

It is like recent world history, told on the news by all the networks, at all times and without exception. We never see the end of it: hundreds of people investigated everyday in political parties, in government bodies, in companies in religious institutions. Hundreds of people arrested everyday: fugitives, members of clans, evaders.   I keep asking myself: how many can there possibly be? Is there still a majority of good people, or has the limit been exceeded?

After all these reflections, which I never stop thinking about, I watch “Courageous”, a film with good and sound principles. No other title would have been more fitting, because stories of “physical courage”, what you need to face risks in life, is always partnered with stories of “courage in making a choice”.

During the day we hardly ever have to use “physical courage”, but thankfully we do not find ourselves in a middle of a shooting that often, or face to face with wolves or lions in the subway. But more than often we have to use our “courage to make a choice”.

We have always been told that courage is something we are born with, which is greater in fearless warriors and soldiers than in “normal” men. Even at the cinema the most common films make reference to courageous men of the past in the midst of epic action. However, real courage is not this. Real courage is in “daily choices”:

when a mother takes on two jobs to provide for her children
when you abandon a superficial job to do a quality one (even though it may cost you more)
when you resist “gossip”, knowing that your revelations will not benefit anyone
when you give others merit for a result, instead of giving it to yourself without reason
when you take advantage of an occasion to prove that you are a great person, instead of a great thief

It is called integrity, a rare species nowadays, as Javier’s boss tells him:

Oh, and, Javier? Thanks for your integrity. It’s rare.
Well done. After six times, I was getting discouraged.

But I would like to think about this defect in man with the same perspective as this tale:

A man is curious to see a woman begging on the street. He usually is not a generous man because of his way of seeing beggars. He is convinced that the woman is in good health, can look for a job and look after herself, so he goes up to her and asks: “Woman, why are you here instead of looking for a job?” and the mysterious woman answers: “God wanted me to be here, otherwise who would be in my place to prove what you are? A man who refuses to help someone in need”.

I think what is happening is a sign for all of us. Someone is showing us what we need to get back on track and live with serenity.

We need integrity, at every level. In our families, our companies and our institutions. We need to make courageous choices.

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"Courageous" A film by Alex Kendrick with Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Ben Davies. USA, 2011

"When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace" di Neale Donald Walsch

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