Success deals with progresses

Because of the need of approval, we start to look for a perfection that doesn’t exist. Testing ourselves and going to sleep knowing that we have done everything possible for yourself, for our family, for our friends, it is a beautiful meaning of perfection.

Listen and Reflect

Let go the expectations, stop reproaches, reset the volume of your internal dialogue. There is no need to victimize yourself, no need to blame yourself. You most be exausted, self-pity is so tiring.

5 elements for success

If you have no talent disciplining yourself would only increase the frustration. Rather, look for what makes your heart beat, your true talents, uniqueness.

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What do the experts think?

The best book on marketing? The Cinema!
Noam Wasserman, Professor at Harvard Business School
Films are the source of inspiration of my best lessons
Edmund Phelps, awarded Nobel Prize for Economy
Cinema is an experience that involves logic and emotion, logos and pathos, rationality and affection
Julio Cabrera, Professor at the University of Brasilia

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