Stay in the room

I was shocked when I discovered that over-nourishment in the world was reaping from the victims off amine. I’m even more shocked to have learnt that “procrastination” is one of the biggest social scourges that has ever existed.

How many knives in his legs?

After laughing my head off at this film, I thought that there could only be one person who could comment on this scene from a training point of view: my friend, ex film director and great trainer: Max Damioli.

The only possible scenario

A person with his objectives, the temptation to interrupt him and in the end “good” winning over “evil”, or vice versa. Which side of the scenario is your life on? Which scene take are you filming at the moment?

Destination Impossible… apparently: the art of problem solving

Preconceived ideas often prevent us from finding a solution to problems which are apparently unsolvable. To reach certain objectives, it is often important to see things from different perspectives which, at times may not seem rational, but do in fact allow you to solve the problem which is only such until you try to solve it with ordinary logic.