Reverse the decline

This scene is half about biology, and half a metaphor of life, systems and nations. Each of us has a role in society, as we are "living organisms"; it is a responsibility from which we cannot escape.

7 rooms

From a single scene, many reflections can be made. For example this scene from the movie "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People", gives me the opportunity to speak to you about generational conflicts, and how sometimes the experience can be a handbrake for development, while enthusiasm and creativity can turn into presumption and arrogance.

Losing a picture

Over time, we are convinced that we are no good, that it is not for us and the art inside of us is stunned, silenced by a thousand voices. Art, of course, is any passion that we have repressed, to the point of giving it up and not even trying.

How do you motivate yourself?

There are numerous theories about the mechanisms of motivation. The most controversial is founded on this principle: the possibility that man can change is directly proportional to the “pain” that he feels for his current being.