How to make money

What emotion do you link to money? Is it something positive or "earning" means "suffering" to you, as in this movie clip? What seems to be an ordinary cinema story, can teach a lot of things about the "money" theme.

Pain and pleasure

God's plan want to make you experience absence, before presence. It wants to tak your breath away before inebriating you with oxygen, and while it happens you're learning how to be humble. I've learned that, when the things are getting worse, if what I'm trying to achieve is really what I want, if I don't give up, happiness is waiting for me.

A song to sing out loud

In any human context, social one or business one, the greatest challenge is defeating this sick idea "scarcity" rules the world. "The more you give, the more you take" is the result of a series of experiments which showed how kindness, selflessness and abundance are the key to individual and social wealth.

What’s the limit between insanity and success

Probably there’s no boundary, but you cannot change the world if you aren’t a bit crazy. Maybe you haven’t such ambition, but your idea of success […]