What emotion do you link to money?

Is it something positive or “earning” means “suffering” to you, as in this movie clip?
What seems to be an ordinary cinema story, can teach a lot of things about the “money” theme.

“Most people kill themselves for decades and get nowhere”, Alice says, but the worst perspective is that people unfortunately link money to suffering.

Do you know why?

Because money is sacrifice and hard work (parents’ legacy)
Because “you cannot serve god and money” (Christianity’s legacy)
Because school banned the money theme, how to earn it, how to manage it and how to invest it. People should not learn to do so.

So, according to the system we’ve been educated into, “having money” should be the same as “pain”, just like “The Brass Teapot” core concept inspires. It’s an average movie that invites to a general awakening.

Who has financial issues knows that relationship with money is not about the numbers, but it’s about linking. And it’s often a chronic issue.
It’s above all about self-sabotage, unconsciously planned by our environment, based on our past paradigms. Yet, we are not in the post-industrial era anymore, everybody has the chance to espress his/her own art and publicize it on the Internet.

Awaking mean beconing conscious that:

  • Money can be stained with your sweat, but not necessarily with your blood
  • You can live doing what you like, bravely choosing to build your own alternatives
  • There’s no “Aladdin’s lamp”, unless you really want to hurt yourself

So, in the web-generation era, the plot of this film could be inverted and money could get out from the teapot every time you feel pleasure.

When you pursue your passion, doing a job that makes your heart pound,
when you choose to work in a stimulating environment,
when you let “values” influence your life and your customers’ life,

if you accept the idea that you can create these conditions around you, then you can say you are on your way to become rich.



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“The Brass Teapot” A film by Ramaa Mosley with Juno Temple, Alexis Bledel, Alia Shawkat, Michael Angarano. USA 2012

"Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money" by Joan Sotkin

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