What scene about selling can be better than this to show the difference between “the brochure reader” and the real “seller”?

I have reversed the timing of these two scenes from the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”: Jordan Belfort can be a ruthless unscrupulous profiteer, but he knows what selling is about.

Selling is about satisfying a need. The client is not interested in how a pen is made, what you can do with it or if you like it; the client is interested in solving a requirement. Brad’s merit was to make the client aware of his need.

The need is there, hidden, and the seller’s talent is to make sure that the customer himself can see it, not reeling off a series of technical characteristics of the product / service he is selling. When Jordan says, “He sells everything”, this means that he knows the method and it is always the same, no matter what you’re selling. The characteristics of what we sell are overvalued.

Selling is not a rational process; Zig Ziglar said that: ‘’Logic make people think, emotion makes people act’’, so you need to forget, for once and for all, the product / service, and remind the customer the benefits he will get from it in his life.

“You’ve got to say it in such a way that the people will feel it in their gut. Because if they don’t feel it, nothing will happen “(William Bernbach)

In the book “Neuromarketing” the authors recommend four steps:

  1. Diagnose the pain (requires a conscious effort to deeply listen to the customer and understand their needs)
  2. Be aware of your uniqueness (be embarrassingly aware of the one thing that makes you different from your competitors, otherwise you’ll fumbling in the dark)
  3. Show the benefits to the customer (make the customers see that the benefitsthey receiveare directly connected to your uniqueness)
  4. Communicate it with impact (use pictures, objects and unconventional systems)

Obviously the concept has been made simple, but it helps us understand that marketing is primarily focused on two points: our uniqueness and how it solves a problem to the customer.

Our up to date membership contains a lot of scenes that deal with sale mistakes and best practices:


But even if we’re not professional sellers, the hint is valid anyway: know yourself and put your talents to use.


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“The Wolf of Wall Street” A film by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey. USA 2013

"Selling to the Old Brain: How New Discoveries In Brain Research Empower You To Influence Any Audience, Anytime" by Patrick Renvoise, Christophe Morin

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