Despite treating the subject in a rather superficial way, the film director Grant Heslov missed the occasion to treat it in a more complete, interesting and intelligent way, the film “The Men Who Stare at Goats” aroused public interest. Many people asked me if it was possible, and what characteristics aspiring Remote Viewers needed.
I have been working for years on coaching all different kinds of people, but in particular, professionals, businessmen and managers, to develop their intuitive abilities, their sixth sense and the peculiar skill deriving from Remote Viewing.
These skills are need to obtain important information for work, for business, for investments, for taking decisions and better solving problems, and on a personal level too.

On the basis of my 10-years experience, I believe that potentially everyone is able to succeed in Remote Viewing, because these faculties are innate in the human mind. Anyone can improve, at least to a certain degree, any skill, as long as they consciously decide to train constantly for a long enough period of time (at least 6 months).
I practice, however, not everyone succeeds. I have observed several characteristics and factors which may influence the result of this ability.
Anyone can improve their initial results, but not everyone is able to excel. This happens because of a series of reasons which will become clearer after reading the next few paragraphs.

In any field, if you start with a good natural talent you might reach excellent results; but if you are not particularly talented, it is possible to reach average, if not good, results. Considering this, it is the same for any other intellectual ability, and manual and sports ones too. So the same may be said for Remote Viewing.
A factor which definitely makes a difference is strong motivation to succeed. You need time, commitment, energy and money to learn and get good results. Therefore, insufficient or inconsistent motivation gives bad results and leads us to give up.

Another common feature to all Remote Viewers is seeing life and reality in an unconventional way: otherwise how could one imagine putting effort into trying to “see” at a distance (with their eyes shut!) something that is impossible to perceive with the 5 senses?
At the least, it is necessary to be open to the possibility of phenomena normal considered as being “paranormal”.
All Remote Viewers then denote, or manage to develop an exceptional strong sensitivity, attention and awareness towards themselves, their feelings, their emotions, their mental images and thought processes: which for most “normal “ people go unnoticed or undervalued.
Besides motivation ambition to excel in something unusual is needed in order to succeed. Even the skill to learn by watching and shaping, without asking too many questions, greatly helps experts.
The ability to isolate yourself mentally, through meditation or self-hypnosis, keeping up concentration for a long time without becoming distracted, is a useful ability to make yourself a person who is not easily influenced by the surrounding environment.

Succeeding in being able to work under pressure, overcome criticism and continuing to try despite failure is essential. Given the difficulty and the particularity of what we do, it is very difficult to obtain good results if we do not have these characteristics.
Probably, the most fundamental skill is being able to relax, because this mental status is Paramount in have clear and comprehensible perceptions in Remote Viewing.
The last determining factor is feeling comfortable with yourself even when thinking in an intuitive and creative way, not only in the predominating way of thinking which is logical and analytical.
Putting together all these characteristics, we can start to see the features and the skills needed to be successful in Remote Viewing.

Francesco Martelli


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"The Men Who Stare at Goats" A film bydi Grant Heslov with George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges. USA, 2009

"Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic” by Osho

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