The film tells the true story of Temple Grandin, an extraordinary woman, a role model who overcame the stigma of autism, in a period in which very little was known about this disorder.

She is currently considered an important activist for the movement of rights of people with autism and for the animal rights protection movement.

Temple invented a “hug machine”, a compression method that is able to calm down people suffering from autism in times of trouble. She is defined as a “visual thinker”: she thinks in pictures and solves problems through her memory links, made up of visual connections. The film allows you to get closer to the “vision” of the protagonist through her eyes, thoughts and emotions.

In the scene, Temple tells potential followers of the idea for ​​an innovative project to improve animal farming methods. It is interesting to perceive how she manages to convey her enthusiasm and communicate an idea, so that intuition can become a reality.

Temple says she feels “like other inventors” because she can dream of something different, something better for all, going beyond the present. She possesses a deep awareness of herself, of her emotional state, and the dreams and values ​​that guide her. She proves that she has foresight, that takes her beyond data analysis and it is more like a gift, a gift of faith. She also knows how to manage herself and distance herself from emotions, in order to have mental clarity and concentrated energy. Empathy, her natural talent, allows her to be in “tune” with the animals and perceive their needs and difficulties.

According to Temple, her success in her work as a designer depends on her autism. It is this condition that allows her to work on tiny details and she is able to use her visual memory as if it were an audiovisual support, mentally experimenting with the different solutions. In this way she can also predict the feelings that the animals, on which the equipment will be used, will feel.

How can you “embrace” a new vision following Temple’s experience?

  • Ask yourself questions about what you want to achieve and take advantage of all opportunities;
  • Reach a proper balance between quality and innovation;
  • Create a positive atmosphere by taking examples from the stories of individuals or organizations who have made it;
  • Be flexible when faced with obstacles or new ideas you had not thought of before;
  • Develop new ways of using your talents and put them to the service of others (“Be hungry, be foolish”).

According to the psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of numerous essays on leadership, “Communicating means creating an experience in others, involve them from head to toe and this is an emotional skill.” Charismatic leadership can only be fulfilled with the fusion of heart and mind, intellect and emotions. Vision is achieved by motivating, guiding, inspiring, listening, persuading and creating resonance. A visionary leader is one who pushes people towards a shared vision and creates a very positive impact on the business climate. It is useful to adopt this style when you need a change of perspective. For example, in the case of a company that needs to relocate their business in a new sector in order to survive.

Entering into the extraordinary world of Temple Grandin means learning to have courage, confidence in yourself and in your potential, and decide to “embrace” the vision of your talent to open up to change. Temple teaches us that every difficulty can be transformed into a new opportunity, that at any time in life we can cultivate our personal gift with tenacity and hope:

“I became aware of how precious life was. And I thought about death and I felt closet o God. I don’t want my thoughts to die with me. I want to have done something. (…) I know there are a lot of things I can’t understand, but I still want my life to have a meaning”.

Perhaps the true meaning of our mission is simply in the vision that comes from our heart. The secret is to “reconnect a wire” (quote from Temple Grandin) to our primary emotions, the “older” and deeper ones. And let ourselves be guided by faith from the perspective that opens up a new world.


Valentina Specchio


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"Temple Grandin" A film by Mick Jackson, with Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, David Strathairn. USA, 2010

"Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman

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