3 ways to terrorize a new collaborator

Zack’s behaviour is the result (fantasies that are not too far placed from reality) of the complexity in which companies move today. Too much thinking about the "piece", forced into the vortex of operations that to think about “nonsense": training, co-working, promoting new talent. I as a businessman apologize and confess: the young, the new recruits, the runaway brains will save this country.

Let’s have a coffee together

Coffee in movies is the ever-present drink-symbol that marks the rhythm of the day, it gives breaks at work, it conveys hospitality but at the same time it is an instrument of great concepts of life.

I want Parnassus to win

The “devil’s” promise is more attractive; little effort, more pleasure and above all "immediately". If you want to win a soul, this is what you have to promise. What does it matter if your "self-esteem" explodes? When you give up to temptation it is as if a small explosion goes off inside of you...and what loses out is your motivation, your energy and your credibility.

The conscious choice

How do you get out of anxiety and frustration? Only your thoughts can do it.They are the ones that govern the state of things, our emotions and our re-actions. Can we control our emotions? Maybe it's difficult, but you can control your thoughts. In the words of Margaret Thatcher in the film, ideas and concepts are interesting things!