Can you change your destiny?

In every moment of our lives we can choose between small and large changes; too often unconsciously, if we choose not to act then the Chairman's plan takes shape. It is fuelled by inertia, especially when there is no trust and hope.

A deadly virus

Bureaucracy is a virus that kills; it is the outfit with which the dishonest disguise the rules. Often enough, just a lightweight linen sheet is needed, but to take advantage of everything, it uses blankets, comforters, duvets, until the system collapses.

The eternal question

Work has always been a synonym for "sacrifices" and "effort". Today I ask the eternal question, to which I continue to answer every single day: How do I have fun, earn and invest for the future without it being all hard work and sacrifices?

What does the future hold?

The force of gravity is not just physical, it's mostly mental. It is that psychological ballast that keeps us stuck in our ways of thinking. Even after centuries, after hundreds of martyrs and thousands of stories, we are able to admit that the truth is hidden between what we do not know.