Do as you please

Bartleby Gaines has been rejected from all the colleges he has sent admission requests to. To avoid the wrath of this parents he invents SHIT (the South Harmon Institute of Technology), a non-existent college for which he sets up a real internet address.

The 3 Northern Principles

I have been asking myself about the real meaning of the word “leadership” for a very long time now, especially now when almost all the world leaders seems to be under enemy fire.

Great men or great thieves?

There are some scenes that I comment on with a lump in my throat and this scene is one of them. It is probably because I am getting older :-) , or maybe because I identify myself with the scene seeing that my wife is called Carmen and I believe that we are a respectable family.

The evil that generates evil

In the film, “The Fifth Element” General Steder is determined to shoot at an unidentified “thing” and despite the doubt of the President he launches “super-powerful” missiles to the heart of the evil thing. But the more it is struck the more is grows: “the evil generates evil”.