Have you got a quality website? Have you got a mailing list of people that follow you?

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The website “Training With Movies” can insert partners in its online promotion program.

Without losing your identity, because you would be strengthening it, you can offer a service of real value to your users and obtain an interesting monetary reward, without any business risks and without any cost of any kind.

By spreading the name “Training With Movies” you will generate an interesting commission package, on all the successful memberships and renewals made through your sponsorship.

Please read hereunder the

“Training With Movies” affiliation details:

The advantages of being a partner
with Training with Movies

No set obligations:

you can promote the Training With Movies website as you believe best, by word of mouth,
through your website or blog, through social networks, your mailing list, etc.

You have our complete support:

we will supply you with a kit of marketing instruments (banners, newsletters, free resources,
promotional videos, e-mail facsimiles all prepared for you) which you can use to promote
Training with Movies more easily and therefore, sell using very little time

The partnership program is 100% free of charge:

as an affiliate, there will be no charge for you to become a partner of Training With Movies,
you can actually earn money, without any business risks and without any cost of any kind

You earn 30% on every successful membership or renewal:

this means that not only do you generate an immediate gain, but also a real passive income in time

Maximum transparency:

from your control panel, you can access the statistics relating to the visits that
you havegenerated and the commission you have earned in real time.

Requirements to become a partner of Training with Movies

To be our business partner, all you need is:

Your own website, blog or Facebook account (profile or page)


Have a regular tax position

necessary for the payments of the commission earned in accordance with the relative tax regulations


Accept the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement

containing all the regulations that discipline our business partnership
(Read the agreement here)

What happens after I have registered?

Once you have registered, you will have to wait for the activation of your account.

From that point, you will be able to access your control panel and find the statistics relative to your activities, plus the marketing kit, which is a series of instruments made available to you so that you may promote Training with Movies more easily and immediately.

Here’s what you will get:

A set of banners of various sizes for your website / blog / social media network

A link to the free report “Be convincing using movies” to be downloaded

and that allows prospective clients to get an idea of what “Training With Movies” offers

The possibility to share, directly from the official www.trainingwithmovies.com website, the pages and the articles that you believe to be the most interesting

An email to send to your mailing list, if you have one.

Through the partner control panel, you can check your economic position at any time, and the actions you have taken to obtain the results and which, on the other hand, have not.

Finally, you can count on our utmost availability to respond to any of your requests for assistance: just write to info@trainingwithmovies.com and you will receive a quick reply!

That is it! Now you know all about our partnership program. All that is left for you to do is use your creativity and active commitment to transform the potentiality of our partnership into an opportunity to earn some money!

What are you waiting for? Become a partner!