The right words

A clip from a movie that intertwines science, sci-fi and humanity, helps us to understand the mysterious and essential bond between words, relationships and reality we experience every day

The value of transparency

The main character of this clip is a pharmaceutical rep in the middle of a turmoil in his life. After realizing he reached his low point as a husband, as a father, as a man and as a worker, he decides to "reconcile" with his family, with God and with his employers.

Men do not dance

Howard, a teacher of English literature respected by everyone and engaged to his longtime girlfriend, start to ask himself if he is a homosexual, because of a series of events. He's afraid of other people's judgment and cannot accept it.

Chasing dreams

This is a great clip to finish a speech about resilience and motivation. Different scenes of the movies are edited to show the overview of a life spent chasing one dream: go to the Olympics.