The clothes don’t make the man. Or do they?

We know how wrong it is, but we all judge a book by the cover. Giving an individual some time to express himself, however, could lead to surprising results

Is it possible we’re having two different conversations?

When we have an issue that is close to our hearts, we occupy them all of our mind with it, and we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. A complete isolation is (luckily) not possible, and we confront with the ones who try to advise us the best.

TV show host

Even in the simplest decisions, we have to consider a whole number of influential factors. A number of management models were created over the years, in order to limit the complexity of the interactions in making a choice.

Like a superhero

At a time of particular stress, when insecurity and fear are about to prevail, the doctor finds a way to regain confidence.