The solution comes after the problem

Research carried out by Dr. Martin Hilbert shows that the amount of information available to us, to decide whether we buy a product or not, has increased five-fold in very few years. People are able to decide quicker if they can weigh the “advantages” and “disadvantages”, and that the advantages outweigh and solve a concrete need. In other words, it is a process which accelerates what a client would have eventually done on his own.

The value of waiting

Ray Charles’s life has been anything but easy. His teenage years are marked with drugs and events that threatened his safety. Perhaps if it had not been for his mother’s intervention, during his childhood and his adolescence, then we would never have been able to appreciate one of the most important musicians in the world.

Stone or child?

Doesn’t it seem absurd? While the tyre is losing air, Alex and his grandfather rush out of the car to catch the kid, as if catching him and punishing him will get their car going again so that they can reach their objective. Little effort was needed, which was to take the little stone out of the valve and limit the damage of the prank so that they could continue with the journey.

Be Convincing Using Movies – An extract

Mirco is a blind boy who refuses to accept his limitation. However, his teacher Don Giulio (played by Paolo Sassanelli in the film) uses a technique known as “reframing” in Neuro Linguistic Programming (or “restructuring”) to move his attention from the problem to the solution.