Changing our History

A scene which makes us think about how the we are influenced by what is around us. It does not only concern those who want to lose weight, but also those who want to get a result but find an enemy or an ally in the family.

Take on the mission

Until we take on the “responsibility” for a problem, the “transformation” will not take place. In the scene, Frankie continues to give Maggie advice from a distance. The truth is that he is afraid of becoming involved and would like to remain afar. But until you take on the responsibility to change things, they will only get worse.

What I expect from you

Dr. Rosenthal was the first to study positive expectancy effects and he carried out the experiment in an American school. The students presented as super-intelligent were the ones that obtained the best results, even though, if truth be told, they had been selected from the worst American colleges.

Help with reframing

Reframing is a perspective which gives the individual more possibilities of choice. Its roots can be found in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and aims at widening a person’s point of view.