A jump into the unknown

We often find ourselves on the edge of a cliff. Like Richard, undecided between a definite arrest and improbable survival after a very dangerous journey. In the end he chooses his values: the truth about his wife’s killer and the dignity of a free man.

Are you really sure?

Schmidt is disappointed with himself. His self-esteem is so low that he thinks that the only thing that life can offer him now is his own epilogue. But how do you remove such a deep-rooted belief when all you see with your eyes are memories of failures and weaknesses?

Changing our History

A scene which makes us think about how the we are influenced by what is around us. It does not only concern those who want to lose weight, but also those who want to get a result but find an enemy or an ally in the family.

Take on the mission

Until we take on the “responsibility” for a problem, the “transformation” will not take place. In the scene, Frankie continues to give Maggie advice from a distance. The truth is that he is afraid of becoming involved and would like to remain afar. But until you take on the responsibility to change things, they will only get worse.