Beating the Best

The scene has different teaching uses. But I would like to use the example of the coach this time and his ability to nurture the responsibility of his boys.

Don’t give your destiny away. Keep it.

In a forceful and passionate way, the coach appeals to the pride of the team, to the desire to keep the victory alive, which has been jeopardized by the arrogance of the other team and the spectators.

What a nice pair of pants!

The interview that Chris is about to face is only the epilogue of his determination. He has waited for days with a 20 kg device in his arms waiting for Jay (his go-between), to get the interview. Now that IS determination!

You want something? You get it yourself!

Sometimes it is just like that: for others your success puts shadows on their failures, and being as “comparisons” are a festering plague of our times, the less you follow common places, the better it is.