Mystery needed

When talking about results they are expecting, many people say: “I know it’s going to be...” and they unconsciously put into place all the actions that bring them to that result. Everybody’s story is a self-fulfilling prophecy. In personal growth and psychology, it is also known as the “Pygmalion effect” or “Rosenthal theory”.

How to become number 1

Today more than yesterday, businesses are forced to analyze new opportunities. In the mega competitive markets, if you are not unique, it is difficult to prosper. Therefore, the characteristics of this surf legend are the same for a successful business.

A delicate negotiation

In a negotiation, often, by warring over economic aspects, determining relational aspects are damaged in the long term.

Admitting your own mistakes

Sometimes we get to breaking point without realizing our mistakes. In this scene, the prerogative phrase is “better late than ever?” One thing is certain, words are not enough to regain trust, actions are!