Run against every limit

When we force ourselves to go beyond our limits, it seems as if something magic happens. The universe conspires to make us successful; the road becomes flat and the difficulties disappear.

Prevention is better than cure

Foresee obstacles and train to the point of exhaustion to get by them. This seems to be the motto of Jordan’s superior. How much more efficient would we be if we applied the same military discipline to reach our goals?

A jump into the unknown

We often find ourselves on the edge of a cliff. Like Richard, undecided between a definite arrest and improbable survival after a very dangerous journey. In the end he chooses his values: the truth about his wife’s killer and the dignity of a free man.

Are you really sure?

Schmidt is disappointed with himself. His self-esteem is so low that he thinks that the only thing that life can offer him now is his own epilogue. But how do you remove such a deep-rooted belief when all you see with your eyes are memories of failures and weaknesses?