Be careful when making generalizations

A security guard in a shopping mall is called to deal with an argument between two women fighting over a push-up bra. In that moment, he represents the authority that must calm down the women, or in other words, a kind of referee in uniform, but his communication does not give the results hoped for.

Believe in Victory

In 1962, at the end of his university career, Ernie Davis won the Heisman Trophy, a prize awarded to the best university football player of the year.

You’re gonna have to do better than that!

A true show of humbleness from Ernie who could have boasted about his successes, but instead prefers to give a lesson in life to Floyd. The scene is a good example of sponsoring.

Fear or courage?

The core theme is courage. The courage with which Ernie deals with the decisions of the coach, and the greater courage in facing racial hatred and the threats made by the spectators.