The Great Paradox

Imagine arriving at the top of a mountain and finding a stone; a simple, useless stone. After years of trying to reach the top and all the hard work put in, disappointment is what we fear most. It is the same feeling when we chase after something we can never catch up with.

Opportunity? No, thanks!

Are we losing something? Most definitely. With all our habits, commitments and races against time, we constantly miss “opportunities” that are invisible to the eye.

Scenes of Ordinary Madness (which are almost normal nowadays)

It is a scene which shows in a crude and direct manner what happens when we are under pressure. It takes place in the offices of a newspaper, but it could have taken place in any other context, at home or in the work.

The Crisis Starts Here

Charlie inherits a shoe company, but he realizes that despite the reassuring words of his father, the reality is a lot different. The economic balance sheet is in the red and the stubbornness of his parent goes as far as producing shoes for a non-existent demand. A case of sheer madness.