Remember who you are

Mae is very worried about the match that her husband is about to face. It is a match that could change their lives, making Kim one of the boxing champions of his time.

You have to keep your head up

Have you got objectives? It is a good coaching question. When Akeelah replies: “The only thing l'm good at is spelling”, the Professor (symbolically the coach) asks her to read a poem by Marianne Williamson.

If you can’t say it, you can’t win

Akeelah’s professor teaches her to break up big words into smaller ones, but notes that the girl is still a victim of her low self-esteem and this may have an effect on her learning.

Making the standards higher

The professor challenges the girl to give more and not just to make the most of what she has achieved so far. Making the standards higher is what makes a good manager or a good coach, like in the case of the professor.