To Overcome Fear

The clip is a wonderful example of “self-fulfilling prophecy” which has forced the mother to abandon her dreams: “I convinced myself that I was gonna fail…so before that could happen, I dropped out”; and, in fact, Akeelah’s mother actually failed because of her “fear” of failure.

The most difficult job in the world

Even though this scene hides different meanings, I believe that the main one is: “The skill of a leader to sacrifice himself and avoid guilty feelings arising”.

Whatever happens

The scene symbolically reminds us of all the times, when faced with difficulty, we have happily chosen a short-cut. Jim’s son has stolen the sausage so that he does not starve to death, but his father says: “And we don’t steal. No matter what happens, we don’t steal.”

Dignity or Love?

What motivates more? Losing your dignity? Or getting back loved ones? This scene is an example which goes beyond any limit in our times.