Facing the Giants

The scene is a crescendo of motivation. A blatant demonstration that the only limits we have are often those that we have in our head.

Soul Physics

Liz has searched for her inner balance over several months and finds it in Spirituality and in Herself. Now she is afraid of losing it over feelings that she has for a man. How many doubts come to mind when we try to answer this question: What is priority?

Download the special report “Be convincing using movies”

The only document that reveals how to OVERCOME SKEPTICISM and become more convincing by using films. How difficult is it to overcome distrust and skepticism? It is very probable that you are working with the awareness that “knowledge” and the ability to put it together, make it brief and communicate it to others is vital for your professional survival. The biggest challenge is that the others apply what you teach them.

A familiar scent

How come Lucy is so friendly with Henry? Or rather, why does she trust him so quickly that she allows him to sit at her table? Could it be because of the strong smell that makes everything seem so familiar?