Age is just a number

What you do not see in the scene is that Preston dies trying to defy all odds. I did not want to ruin the film clip for those that want to show it to teach faith and courage to elderly people.

Speak up!

The proposed scene is a “cult” one in teaching, probably because it is very closet o the ideal “form” of teaching, or maybe because “Dead Poets Society” is a masterpiece.

She knows what to do

Albert would like a date with Allegra, and on the advice of his “date doctor” he finds that the best way is to “surprise and then strike”. At times in order to surprise someone, all you have to tell is a “burning truth” - a most unexpected declaration.

Be careful when making generalizations

A security guard in a shopping mall is called to deal with an argument between two women fighting over a push-up bra. In that moment, he represents the authority that must calm down the women, or in other words, a kind of referee in uniform, but his communication does not give the results hoped for.