Us or you?

The scene is useful to show the difference in communication between Samir and the FBI agent. The meta-program affiliation is used with an aggregating strategy by the FBI agent.

Clear your mind

Liz faces the main obstacle of meditation. Experts suggest to start off by concentrating on an object, or on breathing, so as to overcome the obstacle of internal dialogue...

You gotta swim the moat

I reckon that everyone of us at least once in our lives has felt “disconnected” as Liz says. When things do not go for the best, what we look for is a little peace for ourselves and with the world, but the more we search, the more it keeps us waiting.

About what?

All the spirit of coaching emerges in these first lines: “helping another person” but “not doing it for them”. The coach refuses to suggest the solution to his trainee, because he knows that it would only be a patched up version to avoid the necessary force, or rather the teaching.