The dream of a lifetime

How would you feel before your great occasion? Nicholas Taleb would say that what has happened to Maverick is a black swan, or such an unexpected and rare event that has to be grabbed immediately.

What is a winner?

What is the real definition of winner? It is perhaps too much to offer just one point of view, but certainly in “winning” there is respect of one’s vales in the long term, and also the fun during the run-up to it.

Find the board within the tree

The scene is a good example of mentoring. Zeta (the mentor) helps Cody to build a surf board from scratch, starting with a tree. But the suggestions he offers the young Penguin are the same needed by every Mentor that wants to discover a person’s potential.

The center of attention

The motivation which has pushed Tank to do surf since he was a child is only his desire to be at the center of attention. On its own, strong ambition is the primary motivation of many sportspersons, and it is also the case in many businesses.