Seeing beyond the obstacles

How does a business start? What binds people to follow a common objective? This scene is an example of how a clear vision influences the commitment of collaborators.

Genius compensates technique

You will be asking yourself: if criticizing and attacking your own collaborators can make you successful like Steve Jobs, and why not start immediately?

Depleting the world

K-Pax is a film-metaphor which deserves full vision. The whole story makes you think about how man is limited and able to “deplete life” (to use an expression from NLP), by generalizing on and labeling other people.

The generous Khan

How should a leader behave? Should he be generous? Or acrimonious and feared? History teaches us that a universal “profile” of a leader does not exist. We can find examples of opposing characters everywhere, and they have all managed to make something of their charisma.