The Courage to go into the Arena

Burt continues to gather disapproving opinions from everybody. Nobody thinks that he will establish a new world record and do not even go to greet him. Not even the person by his side believes in the feat.

I don’t accept defeat

There is kind of stubbornness that cannot be explained. It is that of Burt who travels from New Zealand to Utah in America to break a ground speed record, but did not know that he had to register to participate.

No Excuses

Burt’s objective is to break a record using his old motorcycle. He would not accept to do so with a new one. When you are determined to reach an objective, nothing represents a true obstacle.

Everything conspires to your success

Are you determined enough to reach your objective? If you are, then everything will conspire to your success. In the scene, Burt has already convinced a group of supporters to help him in the challenge.