Feeling Empathy

Who represents the dead guy in everyday life? May be a colleague with who we cannot communicate? May be a client who complains yet again? Or simply our friend who watches “The Big Brother”?

What is your job worth?

What happens in organizations when ethics and values are neglected? All businesses begin to generate profit, there is no doubt about it. Along the way, the path that takes us there might to be fast or slow, but one thing is certain, if we do not give our employees meaning, the greater purpose or aim, for which an objective must be met, then in time they will find themselves facing the unknown.

Duty calls

A scene of ordinary “daily life”. Every day we barter our decisions between right and wrong, and our common sense continuously puts us to the test.

Letting go of the past

Are we truly conscious of our choices? Or are they only “influenced reflexes” of past emotional injuries that guide us in the future? Most people let their past govern the choices that they make. Instinct is much stronger than “own will”.