Company change

Like a fisherman, waiting for his catch to pass exactly in front of his line, so companies are waiting to hoist their nets. Little matters that the dogs are barking madly because a meteorite is about to hit the earth. The important thing is to stay on the piece.

You give light

When it is about to end, it will all make sense. The strength of true wisdom is understanding that we are all united by light. Perhaps we will only understand this when our troubles and our worries vanish before death.

The conflict

In the film Carnage, conflict is represented all around, with alliances and conflicts between the characters that cause a dialogue after another, one scene after another, interaction after another, to change.

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What do the experts think?

The best book on marketing? The Cinema!
Noam Wasserman, Professor at Harvard Business School
Films are the source of inspiration of my best lessons
Edmund Phelps, awarded Nobel Prize for Economy
Cinema is an experience that involves logic and emotion, logos and pathos, rationality and affection
Julio Cabrera, Professor at the University of Brasilia

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