5 elements for success

If you have no talent disciplining yourself would only increase the frustration. Rather, look for what makes your heart beat, your true talents, uniqueness.

The power of whispered truth

A world where everyone tells the truth. Can you imagine it? Cinema introduces "The invention of lying", a film that narrates the origin of the first lie in a country where people just do not know how to lie.

What is the real problem?

What's the problem? The talent scouts continue to consider the issue from the usual angle: "replace these players with what's out there." It will take Billy's determination to focus on the real cause of the problem and begin to build the solution.

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What do the experts think?

The best book on marketing? The Cinema!
Noam Wasserman, Professor at Harvard Business School
Films are the source of inspiration of my best lessons
Edmund Phelps, awarded Nobel Prize for Economy
Cinema is an experience that involves logic and emotion, logos and pathos, rationality and affection
Julio Cabrera, Professor at the University of Brasilia

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